Project Aims

Over the past few years, our company has grown and developed into one of the most widely recognised communications agencies in our field, with 2013 / 2014 providing the most successful phase in our almost 35-year history. We place a clear and unashamed focus on our people: with their immense pool of talent at our disposal and constant training and development we provide, we have been able to deliver the successes we have seen over the past 18 months.

Intended Audience

We also set out our 5-year-plan for continued, measured growth, with an on-going focus on expanding our services and bringing more expertise and delivery in house. Our ambition is to double our size reaching the milestone of 250 team members. Our aim is to be the company of choice in our sector, serving many more well-known brands’ communication needs. We plan to achieve this both through organic growth and careful acquisition of suitable companies, always maintaining our very distinct culture and dedication to our anything’s possible promise.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

Each year we hold two company conferences to bring the team together outside of the office environment. Our summer conference focuses on strategy, team development and new products and services, with everyone enjoying equal input. In 2014 we took the entire team to Silverstone for our Best of Business themed conference. The sessions focused around improving business efficiencies and maintaining our culture and breakout sessions resulted in over 300 actions created by . In the first 3 months following the conference, these new efficiencies saw company overheads drop by an astonishing £183,000.