Blondefish provides RFID and interactive technology to help live marketers and brands deliver and measure more compelling events. Our expertise truly lies in getting to grips with the event, the audience and the objectives. We are event people first and foremost, so we place the needs of the event first and ensure the tech works for the event and not visa versa.

Production Values

Blondefish worked closely with the brand team at Jacob’s Creek to develop a solution that combined a virtual reality gesture tennis game and an RFID solution to capture traveler data, log their game scores and post their experiences automatically to Facebook and Twitter.

Overall Effectiveness

Jacob’s Creek at London Gatwick

The 20 day activation was a massive success. Hundreds of people stepped up to play and whilst they connected with the brand in the live environment, their friends and family shared in the fun online which generated a secondary audience for Jacob’s Creek. World Duty Free was delighted with the attention the activity attracted and are now in discussions about future activities as a result.