BMW became headline sponsor for the PGA Tour at Wentworth in 2005 and has continued to partner the premier international golf event ever since. For the last 10 years, BMW has tasked TRO to design, build, implement and manage all their brand spaces on site each year.

Production Values

The PGA Championship at Wentworth is a major international event on a world-class golf course with approximately 100,000 visitors. To ensure we reached as many people as possible, including media touch-points, we needed to spread the BMW brand and product messaging throughout the venue, and particularly where crowds congregate. We also needed to have an expansive ‘owned space’ that reflected the premium nature of the BMW brand and immersed the visitor in all things BMW.

Overall Effectiveness

In 2014 approximately 95,000 people visited the Championship Village. The high performance cars and new products are always hugely popular, drawing crowds throughout the 5 day event. Each year about 2,500 people race around the mini track with remote control BMW cars. And in 2013 2,369 people tried out the rugby simulator.