Destination Basingstoke is a not for profit company working with others to promote Basingstoke and enhance its reputation as a place with a great quality of life. As an organisation we aim to give the town the clear, positive, national profile it deserves as a vibrant and ambitious location where businesses, careers and families can grow.

The Basingstoke Half Marathon was started in 2011 as part of a marketing strategy for Destination Basingstoke to promote the area for its quality of life.

Production Values

The key elements to developing the project were: • Establishing sponsorship – the prospect of the race immediately gained the interest of a major sponsor who saw the potential for it, as it was aligned with their objectives as a responsible employer and company with an international reputation.

Overall Effectiveness

The Basingstoke half marathon is a low budget event with phenomenal impact locally and further afield that is a very real live demonstration of the assets of the Basingstoke area for its quality of life, instilling a sense of community pride and engagement and developing a strong reputation in a very competitive field over a short timescale.