The Football World Cup gives Lucozade Sport the perfect platform to communicate to its target audience in an innovative, immersive and credible way.

In 2014, alongside the integrated agency team, TRO was set the challenge of making Lucozade Sport ‘the most talked about sports drink’ during the World Cup.

Production Values

With the 2014 World Cup being hosted in Brazil, and England’s opening game taking place in Manaus – (with average conditions of 32°C and 76% humidity) – we had a unique opportunity to drive the conversation around the importance of fuel and hydration.

Overall Effectiveness

The Lucozade Sport Conditions Zone was created to dramatise the extreme conditions that England would be facing at the World Cup. It gave the brand a credible and relevant story to talk about during a time when many other brands were competing for share of voice. What’s more, it ensured that Lucozade Sport led and drove the debate.