Emma Samways is the Events Manager for Local World (a local media group) covering Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Dorset and is responsible for planning 33 awards dinners, fashion shows, large public outdoor events as well as a further 20 launches a year.

Production Values

Emma has also been responsible for the launch of entirely new events, such as the Gloucestershire Apprenticeship Awards in 2012, the Western Gazette Pride Awards in 2011 and the Bath Business Awards also in 2011, as well as around 10 others. Emma’s input has been pivotal in setting the path that these events follow in successive years.

Overall Effectiveness

There was no event department or Event Manager before Emma’s role was introduced and so she has  put in place criteria, timelines, schedules and best practice. Everything Emma has learnt has been self-taught. She says that she has learnt from every mistake she has made and  believes that has helped her to become the event manager she is today.