DB Systems is a global provider of AV and IT rental services, Connectivity Services and Technology Solutions for the exhibition, event, conference and experiential industries. Customers include leading exhibition and conference organisers, marketing agencies, production companies and leading brands.

Alistair Reece in recognition of the incredible amount of hard-work, innovation and dedication Alistair has demonstrated in the last ten years with us, including the launch on DBPixelhouse.

Production Values

As a result of his pitch, DBPixelhouse was born. Ali is an incredibly humble, quiet, unassuming, down-to-earth guy. He pitched this idea entirely off his own back and, when the MD agreed, suddenly found himself single-handedly responsible for the creation of a new division within DB, with all the associated terror and pressure to generate new work that entails!

Overall Effectiveness

From that humble idea in 2007, Pixelhouse now has a team of 8 and manages a wide range of event technology solutions for clients.