Tasked by Miele with creating an immersive launch event that would seize the attention of a sophisticated audience of press, dealers, and influencers and change perceptions of the Miele brand, we created an innovative launch that established Miele’s new line of W1 washing machines and T1 tumble dryers as the most desirable household products on the market, conjuring a brand experience that imbued Miele’s new washer and dryer with drama, warmth, humanity, and a sense of limitless possibilities.

Production Values

Our motto of “Challenge Everything,” fit perfectly with Miele’s needs. Applying our challenger ethos to the project, we created an unconventional launch experience that captured the essence of the Miele brand, and increased engagement and awareness surrounding Miele’s newest products.

Overall Effectiveness

This 600-guest event generated an unprecedented amount of press attention and celebrity attendance endorsing the new products. Miele successfully engaged their customers in a way never done before, and created a successful business launch for these new products.