Nissan approached TRO with the challenge of re-launching their 363-day-a-year brand centre at the O2. With an annual footfall of 8.3 million, the centre provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the Nissan brand to a large, and captive audience.

Our task was to transform the brand centre in order to showcase the whole spectrum of Nissan’s brand innovations – a place where Nissan could demonstrate their brand proposition – ‘Innovation that Excites’ – rather than simply talk about it.

Production Values

Despite being open 363 days a year, this was not a retail challenge. Our aim was to create an experience that people would want to engage with – a place for customers to experience the brand in a non-sales environment.

We have created an immersive experience that excites and educates in equal measure, whilst showcasing Nissan innovations. Interactions range from a virtual test drive on a rolling road to Nissan’s Motorsports Training Lab which allows the public to test their stamina and reactions against Nissan NISMO Athletes.

Overall Effectiveness

Looking at each objective in turn, the results demonstrate that we are meeting/exceeding Nissan’s objectives.