Hospira is a global pharmaceutical and medication delivery company.

The main purpose for holding the 2014 event was to increase sales to reach a 2016 revenue target, by communicating vision and strategy live, by country and by business unit.

Production Values

The Top Banana team was made up of a number of specialists to focus on delivering all aspects of the event with absolute precision.

Overall Effectiveness

Top line results were gathered live at the start of the event for EMEA, and the beginning and end of Day 2 and 3 to temperature check the audience by business unit and country to test the change in mindset and perception as communications developed. iPads were used to faciliate the voting on site. Pre-event, the use of our website played a large part in providing the insight we needed to develop an agenda that would meet the needs and requirements of our audience. Maintaining this two-way dialogue on site meant that we could react to our audience’s thoughts and feelings, amending content of presentations and shaping the agenda to ensure maximum event effectiveness.