The success of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games was due in large part to the Games Workforce – over 15,000 volunteers, paid staff and contractor representatives, all recruited by the Glasgow2014 Organising Committee (‘the OC’).

These were the people who would ensure that the Games ran smoothly – not just acting as the friendly face of the city, welcoming the 1m additional guests expected to Glasgow this Summer, but also fulfilling the hundreds of behind-the-scenes functions required for an international sporting event; from catering to waste collection, from running the sport venues to transporting athletes – regardless of their role, every member of the Workforce would need to display the same degree of enthusiasm and efficiency.

Production Values

Volunteers come from a wide demographic, covering all ages and abilities. We therefore proposed a form of contemporary ‘variety show’ with 13 segments linked by professional Hosts (we cast BBC Sport’s Hazel Irvine and comedian Des Clarke).

Overall Effectiveness

Glasgow 2014 was undoubtedly a success (the Commonwealth Games Federation said it “would be remembered as one of most successful Games ever”). The contribution of the Workforce was fundamental to its success and their professionalism, enthusiasm and good humour were guided by their training.