Approach to Brief

To celebrate their 15th anniversary we were given a brief by the client to produce a ‘boutique festival’ for Baringa staff, their partners and their children. The brief included:

• Numbers approximately 550 adults and 100 children.

• Family orientated, intimate ‘camping’ festival environment

• Our own mini Glastonbury

• Drive the Baringa culture message; family, team, together, one and Values Integrity, Ownership, Passion, What’s New, Quality and Collaboration.

• Friday Lunchtime arrival – Sunday post-breakfast departure

Creative Solution

We designed the entire festival-goer experience, produced cad plans of the three fields and mapped-out where each element would be positione.   Essentially field one was the festival field, featuring the main stage, stretch hospitality marquee, street food catering vans, dodgems, children’s area, country pursuits, motorised sports and sports field. Field two housed 70 bell tents at the bottom of the field, a retail village, a craft beer and ale tent, ferret racing, pig racing, inflatable games and a second children’s area. Field three was the main bell tent village housing 200 bell tents, showers and toilets. As beautiful as the venue was, the access into the location posed one of the greatest challenges. We looked at varying access points closer to the festival site, and there were possibilities of access through a farmers farm (he said no), then coming in a side entrance which was only about 250 metres from the festival site but there was a resident who refused access this way, so the only way to get all the production into the venue was down the 1 mile driveway.

Impact and Effectiveness

The impact of the event achieved and perhaps even surpassed our expectations – more importantly the Baringa Team set out to achieve, it blew the attendees away and reinforced to them and their families the difference between Baringa and its competitors and why they choose to work there.

The idea of Baringafest initially came from the Senior Partner group who wanted to do something truly extraordinary to commemorate our 15th anniversary and this event delivered everything we wanted to achieve and then some. To have 400 employees, representing more than 90% of the firm, with their families including more than 200 children in a field for a weekend was a risk for us but, it’s a key part of Baringa’s culture to build an inclusive, family feel and we felt this would be a great way to deliver this. Achieving this brings a number of key benefits to the firm and our clients as it helps our people develop wider, deeper relationships with their colleagues which in turn improves how they collaborate as a team in delivery. In an industry that often demands long hours and travel, it’s important that to recognise that work is only one part of everyone’s lives. Including families is not only an opportunity to say thank you for their support, but also help them feel engaged in the firm and it’s values. All this helps employee engagement, retention and recruitment.