In 2012 Thomas Cook found itself needing to take drastic action to stay afloat. They appointed a new global Chief Executive, Harriet Green, and embarked on a huge ‘transformation’ of the business. Many stores across the country were closed and those that remained open were subject to rigorous restructuring from management level down.

Production Values

We concluded that the negative traits of poor customer service could be compared to a ‘zombie-like’ infection, and if untreated, it would spread rapidly throughout the business. If a remedy to this infection was not discovered and implemented soon, Thomas Cook’s business would inevitably deteriorate. We used comparisons with other businesses such as Woolworths and HMV in a humorous opening video to bring this message to life.

Overall Effectiveness

The C.E.P.T experience continues nationwide!

The event has since been followed up with surprise visits from Doctor Navarre at branches up and down the country as well as an online version of the C.E.P.T training being developed.

Official C.E.P.T documentation has been developed and attendees who were not able to obtain a clean bill of health at the event (by getting a stamp in each of the four zones) can work towards this back in their branches. Once a staff member receives their full ‘Clean Bill of Health’, they achieve a bona fide membership of The C.E.P.T!