Capital One wanted to change the way their whole business regarded their Vision, “Let’s Make Lives Better” throughout the course of one day. They wanted to put their Vision to the ultimate test and demonstrate how living by ‘Let’s Make Lives Better’ gave the business a competitive advantage.

Production Values

Over 1000 people generated ideas to solve real business issues. The winning ideas were put to the ultimate test, with the teams’ concepts taken into battle. Spoken word artists, poets and rappers drew battle in front of the whole business as well as a guest panel made up of industry experts. Together they decided which ideas would really ‘Make Lives Better’

Overall Effectiveness

Results of 1000 Attendees

– 95% agreed: they understood the Vision: “Let’s Make Lives Better”

– 95% agreed: I understand why the Vision is important to Capital One

– 85% agreed: I know what I need to do to make “Let’s Make Lives Better” a success