Get Reading was the world’s first read-a-long festival in aid of the London Evening Standard’s ‘Get London Reading’ literacy campaign. Sponsored by E-reader manufacturers ‘NOOK’, it saw celebrities and world-renowned authors come together in Trafalgar Square to share their love of reading and help raise awareness of child illiteracy.

There was no initial brief from the client, London Evening Standard. The event was a result of our agency reaching out to the newspaper and proactively demonstrating how a live event could benefit their long running literacy campaign.

Production Values

In order to promote Get Reading and build an audience, we organised a number of mini PR stunts promoting the event that featured illustrious campaign supporters including Boris Johnson, Stephen Fry and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. These stunts were covered in the Evening Standard paper (monthly readership 1.7 million) and uploaded to their website.

Overall Effectiveness

Get Reading was hailed a success by everyone involved. The best way to breakdown the impact and effectiveness of the live event portion of the Get London Reading campaign is by stakeholder.