Sainsbury’s Our Conference is the annual event to the supermarket’s colleague engagement programme and brings together 5,500 colleagues from across the business, at all levels, communicating key business strategy, innovation and showcasing products.

For the conference it was essential to set clear objectives to make sure that every colleague who attended felt engaged and inspired but also with the drive to return to their stores engaged with vital new business messages to share with their fellow colleagues. Colleagues were invited to attend as story tellers to come to the conference gather the messages and share them in a cascade.

Production Values

The Sainsbury’s events team managed the effective transportation of 5,500 delegates from across the UK to the NEC, ensuring that each group arrived on time for registration and welcome.

Overall Effectiveness

The Sainsbury’s conference proved to be a resounding success, delivering on each of the key objectives set out in the initial brief and driving massive engagement amongst its colleagues.