In January 2014, we were appointed to deliver the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Dubai World Cup. Showcasing Dubai to an audience of 128 million viewers around the globe, the World Cup is a highlight on the Emirati calendar, and a celebration bringing the end to three months of horse racing and the Dubai World Cup carnival.

Production Values

Given the nature of the brief, audience and design of the grandstand, we understood that something completely different and original was needed in order to make an impact and engage with the audience on the 29th March and build on what had been produced before. The project therefore saw the creation and production of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Dubai World Cup, in collaboration with our partners Prisme International, and the grande finale of the closing concert.

Overall Effectiveness

The results are based on the opening and closing ceremonies and independent of the horse racing.

• 100% increase in audience engagement on previous years due to improved sightlines via 2 x 100m screens

• Opening and closing ceremony broadcast live on Channel 4 to a UK audience of 3.5 million (+ 5% increase on 2013)

• Ceremonies syndicated to 18 broadcasters in 110 countries (+15% increase on 2013)

• A household reach of 310 million (+ 2 million household increase on 2013)

• Capacity audience of 80,000 with tickets sold out one month in advance of the event (+15,000 on 2013)

• Event delivered on schedule and on budget