The Global Skills and Education Forum (GESF) is an annual event that takes place in Dubai. It is an opportunity to gather heads of government and business leaders with a view to strengthening ties and further engaging the private sector in the field of education. The ultimate aim is to create a better educated and more equitable society on a worldwide scale.

Production Values

We started by coming up with a narrative for the opening ceremony which was then developed into a creative script. This narrative was used in marketing material leading up to the opening ceremony, such as brochures and invitations. During this phase we developed the idea that exchange becomes the symbolic dimension of the GESF opening ceremony and that the tree become the main visual motif, with the notion of seeding ideas that could find its way into the Forum in future years.

Overall Effectiveness

The ceremony certainly achieved its aim of building the profile of GESF and putting UAE at the heart of the global debate on education.