Lucozade Energy is the biggest player but is in hot pursuit by challenger brands, and in particular stimulation drinks, which are driving aggressive growth within the category. Pressure is on Lucozade Energy to stand out from the competition and to maintain market share.

Our brief was to build on the summer festival activity by bringing relevant, credible value to the Snowbombers’ experience, and to inspire passion, excitement and ultimately brand love for Lucozade Energy.

Production Values

In order to make the road trip a truly unforgettable experience for the Snowbombers, we developed a series of brand activations (and #YESMoments) over the 750 mile road trip between Chatham, Kent and Mayrhofen, Austria, in line with Lucozade Energy’s brand strapline – #YESMoment.

Overall Effectiveness

3,500 bottles of Lucozade Energy were sampled throughout the road trip at key moments when that boost of energy was needed most, including the Silent Disco, the Original Delivery and the Big Reveal.