Project Aims

To raise awareness of the importance of individual behaviours in creating and maintaining a world class safety culture; to make an impact that creates a milestone in Cemex’s journey towards a “Zero Tolerance” culture; and to demonstrate Cemex’s relentless and passionate focus on the safety of every employee, contractor, supplier and visitor at every site in the UK.

Additionally the training looked at how delegates perceive and calculate risk;

the consequences of bad decisions; the mindset that is required to avoid complacency; reinforcing the importance of challenging unsafe acts; and positively accepting these challenges.

Intended Audience

‘The Reaction Times’ was central to the narrative of a Behavioural Health & Safety training event, which was delivered at 18 different locations across the U.K. to over 1,800 Cemex employees in September/October 2014.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

Aside from the positive client and delegate feedback the two main indicators of the project’s effectiveness are that in the 4-month period immediately following the delivery of the programme there have been zero lost time injuries, which is where an employee is unable to attend work due to an injury sustained in the workplace. Previous statistics indicate there are normally 3 to 10 LTIs in the same time period. Secondly, in the same time period there have been approximately 10,500 near miss reports raised, an increase of over 50%, proving delegates are more aware of their hazardous work environments.