Project Aims

Kaspersky Internet Security faced a challenge to drive brand awareness and credibility. Outside Russia, compared to key competitors Norton and McAfee, and briefed Media Therapy to come up with a campaign strong enough to drive the brand’s presence across global digital touchpoints, without the need for media support.

If content could be created with enough view-ability and stickiness, it would be possible to use its own virality to Kaspersky’s advantage, creating a snowball effect: with Google’s algorithms picking up on its popularity and driving it up the organic Search register, whilst pushing it onto one-anothers’ news feeds via social media.

Intended Audience

Key influencers were designed amongst the audience, to target with the content as a means of gathering initial traction for the campaign via seeding.

Summary: key platforms for impact:

• YouTube: Boost organic SEO, influencer amplification for sharing and Media placements

• Facebook: utilise influencer amplification and organic sharing

• Google: using SEO and strategic Adwords (through partner network)

• Twitter: using organic tweets and influencers

• Publishers & Blogs: Outreach to relevant sites for editorial placement

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

The UK view target of 150,000 was surpassed, with the video reaching 160,843 UK views; an over-delivery of 7%. The global total reached an impressive 559,987.

The Facebook activity had an overall reach of 81,966, resulting in 4,373 consumer actions and engagements surpassed 800 and there were a total of 478 tweets about the video.

There were 6,791 clicks through to the Kaspersky site were achieved from the link in the video description. 5,840 of these clicks came from the UK. The video’s audience retention also remained at a very successful 82.4% (or 1:14) throughout the duration of the campaign.