Project Aims

Davide joined MerchantCantos in late 2012 at the age of 19. Having achieved A grades in Film and Media Studies at A level, he went straight into the world of production, starting in time-honoured tradition as a Runner. With MerchantCantos, he has already been promoted three times, moving from Edit Assistant (with responsibility for ingesting media, encoding and filing), to Junior Editor (assisting on larger projects; finishing and collating edited projects ), and on to Junior Cameraman/Editor. He is currently ‘acting up’ as a full cameraman/editor and subject to a positive appraisal later this year will be promoted again.

Intended Audience

The speed with which Davide has expanded his technical knowledge and grown in confidence to the point where he can shoot and deliver a project on his own has been impressive. Similarly in his editing, Davide has worked not only to develop his facility with Premiere, After Effects and other programs but also to grasp often quite complex material. Davide ‘gets’ narrative; he takes an intelligent, disciplined approach to breaking down content and building a film; he understands the power of juxtaposing the right shots at the right time to create the magic that brings a film alive.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

His desire to push the boundaries and to try something new has a very positive effect, not only on technicians and producers many years his senior, but also on our wider team of designers and digital specialists. In the last six months, he has established himself as one of the ‘go to’ people in the company for fresh thinking and different approaches. He has also started to lead projects as a director with a level of maturity that belies his years.