Project Aims

The objectives behind ‘TwoSix’ were:

– to keep personnel and their families properly informed (preferably ahead of the media) and so demonstrate the RN’s commitment to their own people

– to support effective leadership and management of the RN

– to assist the maintenance of morale and fighting effectiveness through strengthened ethos and a clear understanding of the RN ‘Brand’

-to support the widest possible internal contribution to RN strategic thinking and development.

Intended Audience

Communicating to over 30,000 personnel both in the UK and internationally is no small feat. The Royal Navy challenged CTN to come up with a swift and accessible way of communicating important information to recruits and their families on a regular basis no matter where they were in the world.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

CTN has been producing episodes of ‘TwoSix’ for over 10 years. The series has won five IVCA awards and continues to be regarded as a valuable internal communication across the Royal Navy.