Project Aims

The client required a series of six short films to accompany the lifesaving rules booklet. Each one needed to be specific to one rule. The brief was that each film should be short, sharp and surprising so that it grabbed hold of the audiences’ attention. By getting inside the viewer’s mind and sticking there, we’re seeking to influence them at some future point: getting them to behave in a more conscious and safer rather than just doing what might be easier or habitual.

Intended Audience

All the videos – one a month – were included in a video newsletter – Front Line Focus (FLF) which goes out to all front line employees and contractors.

Within Network Rails company standards, FLF is mandated for use within the maintenance team, so every employee working in maintenance (well over 20,000 people) has watched each of the videos.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

The Life Saving Rules have changed the safety environment in Network Rail bringing everyday behaviour and the kind of careless habits we all tend to develop into much closer focus than before.

“Good video. I was shown a picture the other day of a member of our staff walking on top of two sleeper panels that were stacked on top of each other trackside – although it isn’t too high, if he tripped whilst walking along them and fell he could have still smacked head etc and done something nasty to himself!”