Project Aims

Produce TV communicates information about three products per quarter which are being promoted by samplers in Asda stores.

One of the key objectives is to inject Asda’s beliefs, culture and personality into the films to give samplers understanding of the business they’re working within.

The films use peer to peer communications where samplers talk about sales techniques and how they communicate with their customers and their key learnings about the products.

Intended Audience

The films are aimed at ‘samplers’ who work for a company called CPM. The samplers to in to Asda stores to target specific products at customers by offering samples, creating dishes using the products and engaging with shoppers.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

The films have had a positive impact on both sales figures and the audience’s engagement.

Over four quarters, 12 different products have been included. Here’s are some examples of impressive sales lifts:

Grapefruit – 439% uplift

Turkish figs – 400% uplift

Sorrento lemons – 329% uplift

100% of samplers said the training films were useful to them in their roles with 74% saying it helped them engage more confidently with customers.