Project Aims

The aim and objective/project brief, set by the Army, was to create a unique digital presentation; to show the benefits for graduates and under-graduates in joining the Army Reserves. The key objective was to recruit people who would benefit from joining the Army Reserves and to be accepted at the Army Officer Reserves course at Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst in September 2014. The requirement was to also encourage candidates to directly link from the presentation to the Army Recruiting Website, so that potential Reserve Officers would have the opportunity to find out further information about being a Reservist.

Intended Audience

A ground-breaking interactive presentation that tours the UK, presented by Army Reserves Officers, using tablets to help presenters fully engage the audience. The programme targets graduates and those in employment hoping to demonstrate the benefits of a career in the Army Reserves. The presentation is interactive, samples the audience to find out what they already know about the Army, the Army Reserve and shows what aspects of the offer either appeals to the audience, or as importantly, does not. A script/format was developed by the production company in a way that was highly accessible to the target audience.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

The following statistics were obtained from a survey carried out 8 weeks after the launch of the presentations by the Army Engagement Group for Director General Army Reform:

82% increase in knowledge of Army Reserve after Presentation

66% increase in interest of joining Army Reserve after Presentation

96% Presentation exceeded expectations

90% enjoyed interactive elements of presentation

93% enjoyed video content within presentation

124% Recruitment Target for Army Reserve Officer met

In summary, the presentation has delivered everything required and more. It remains an effective influence and recruitment tool.