Project Aims

A motivational “Welcome” film for the “D-day” of an international acquisition aligned with the campaign tagline “Building a Brighter Business Together” – aiming to lend a lively and warm face to a corporate take-over, using a concept that a global workforce of different cultures, ages and roles could relate to and engage with emotionally. Also to establish Huntsman values; indicate that each individual has valuable skills to contribute; represent the introduction of colour pigment; show that the company has grown in number, product range, and technical capabilities, and to motivate current and new workforce to build a “brighter” business together.

Intended Audience

A global workforce from different cultures, ages and roles, coming together as the result of an international acquisition. Also to be used for ongoing recruitment and induction internationally. We chose the ‘musical’ approach for this film because we felt it could appeal to a global audience, and engage people across languages and cultures.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

Over 2500 feedback forms were positively completed internationally, & many offices requested localized versions, after the launch/merger events took place.

Representative feedback:

“…the closing moment with the Brighter Business film was a top goose bump feeling.”

“ a modern and refreshing way of communicating our company’s integration message. It really engaged people across the business and effectively crossed both language and cultural barriers.”

” with great use of colour and sound, it demonstrated a super introduction to Huntsman. I believe first impressions are lasting so I’m delighted that the first impression for our new associates was a great one!”