Project Aims

The brief was to create a 90-second ident for Picturehouse cinemas, to be played ahead of every film in their cinemas nationwide throughout 2015. The client wanted their 2015 Ident to encapsulate the complete Picturehouse experience; to communicate the uniqueness of what they offer through their varied film programmes, food and drink, communities, staff and more. The film should make Members of the cinemas feel that they are part of something special and rewarding, and encourage non-Member audiences to purchase a membership.

Intended Audience

Showing before each film screening at Picturehouse cinemas throughout 2015, the audience for this is cinema goers. The Ident is intended to reaffirm the community feel and the unique experience that Picturehouse offer to it’s current members whilst appealing to a wider audience so that they feel encouraged to become members.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

We have received incredible feedback from both the client and the audience on the effectiveness of the 2015 ident. Conveying a strong sense of community between the staff and members of Picturehouse Cinemas – it shows that the ‘essence’ of a Picturehouse cinema goes beyond the cinema room and screen.