Project Aims

The aim throughout the production of ‘Alignment’ was to make a film that was true to the brands core message but felt like a breath of fresh air from Salesforce’s usual advertising and promotion. Through the use of a comedically dry rapid voice-over, the casting of two actors with natural comedic timing and the support of the client we pushed the standard corporate office environment into a direction that was of a much higher production standard.

Intended Audience

Both RSA Films and Velocity Partners collaborated closely from the outset pooling their resources and talent to put as much energy as possible behind and in front of the camera. The directing collective, M.O.D,directed, shot and edited the film whilst the agency opened the doors to their offices as a location for the shoot as well as encouraging members of the agency team to appear in the film as background extras. With this backbone support from the agency and the production companies multi talented directing team the micro budget was then able to be spent where it was most needed

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

The film made a big impact on first airing at a client conference and was featured in the CMO’s email to all staff, globally. It’s also receiving great response from the market, with lots of sharing on social channels. It’s too early to tie the impact to results but we feel this piece is going to be an ‘evergreen’ content asset that captures the essence of the sales/marketing alignment issue. It also demonstrates that Salesforce is enjoying what it does — helping sales and marketing teams be more effective — and that they’re confident enough to have some fun with