Project Aims

We were approached by Cirque du Soleil to produce a concept for an online piece of content / tv commercial for their production of Kooza which was returning to the Royal Albert Hall for the second time in 3 years. Our aim was to create something that encapsulated the spirit of the circus performance but in an environment that was out with the normal theatre environment but that was also not location specific as the client was keen to use the piece for English, German, Swiss and French audiences.

Intended Audience

The intended audience was TV Viewers within Europe specifically in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and France but the piece was also to be shown on social media channels.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

The piece performed extremely well received on television and generated over 121,000 views online which makes it one of the most viewed Cirque du Soleil’s videos on their channel. It was also uploaded to the Royal Albert Hall’s own youtube channel which achieved a further 10,000 views. Our client at Cirque du Soleil was particularly pleased as we had answered their brief by taking the Cirque du Soleil characters to a magical place that was outside of the stage environment. Ultimately it has helped to ensure ticket sales making Kooza a great success in 2015.