Project Aims

Produce a purpose driven narrative and cinematic vision of one of the world’s most exciting new global investment companies, emphasising core values as the foundations for success.

Shot across four continents, the aim is to seamlessly connect a diverse range of investments including luxury hotels, precious metal mining, music publishing and fashion; through a series of shared guiding principles.

Intended Audience

Created for a diverse internal and external global audience with a special interest in business and economics.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

Posted on Jynwel external company blog and viewed 1,289 times.

Screened at numerous events including high-profile Balls, Awards, Annual Stakeholder, Executive Board and Investor Relations meetings.

Re-posted on two major financial online media outlets including Wall Street and Asia Asset who shared a combined readership of over 4 million.

Photography coffee table book currently in production using images from the film.