Project Aims

Save the Children and World Vision wanted to produce a film that demonstrated the uptake and success of their Literacy Boost programme in two key areas, Burundi and Bangladesh. The project was developed to attract large scale donations from audiences across the globe. The client wanted a film that would deliver emotive narrative, clear demonstration of impact as well as highly visual storytelling. Contra understood from the brief that the client wanted a film that showed the beauty of the respective landscapes and cultures that it featured, separating the tone from the usual harrowing narrative that is common among charity.

Intended Audience

The short promotional film was created to appeal to major donors on an international scale. Our approach, both visually and narratively, was to communicate impact and success on a empirical level. While the film needed to target a predominantly English speaking audience, it was clear from the initial development that the film should have the potential to be rolled-out via international networks, both internally and through online platforms. Although Save the Children and World Vision maintain a partnership for Literacy Boost, the film was also required to communicate with an equitable approach to branding of the two international charity organisations.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

Although these film have only very recently been externally launched, they have already had excellent uptake. The film have been rolled-out at international events throughout the World Vision and Save the Children networks, spurring major donations from several large organisations. Internally, the film has been picked up by several national devisions of both charities (not a stated requirement of either charity’s mandate) outside of those who commissioned the film. This uptake within the broader areas of the charities shows that the film has been well received by those who are in a good position to judge it’s quality and effectiveness.