Project Aims

Tamsin Addison is Paralympic dressage rider. She is potentially going to ride for Great Britain in the Rio Olympics 2016. Naturally, to buy, train, stable, feed and compete a horse at that level takes a huge amount of money. We wanted this film to introduce Tamsin to the public, to tell her amazing and humbling story in the most engaging way possible and we wanted the film to help Tamsin gain additional corporate sponsorships.

Intended Audience

There were two: the Great British public who know very little about Paralympian athletes and what it takes to get into the team. And corporations who may wish to sponsor Tamsin’s push for Olympic Gold.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

We are now talking to specialist press, local and national TV companies and targeted corporations with a view to hitting both our audiences. We have received fantastic feedback to date and, following meetings in April, will hopefully have to the right sponsorship deal in place.

The ultimate measure of our efforts will be Tamsin Addison winning a Gold at Rio 2016.