Project Aims is Care International UK’s micro lending scheme that allows people to lend small sums of money to people in developing countries who want to work their way out of poverty. People make a loan to their chosen ‘entrepreneur’ and the loan is paid back in monthly installments.

At Christmas Lendwithcare Gift Vouchers are popular with regular lenders. Anyone can buy a voucher from £15.00 and the recipient of the voucher then gets to use it to make a loan.

Care International UK wished to grow its lender base with a film to promote sales of vouchers for Christmas 2014.

Intended Audience

The film needed to inspire existing lenders to share the film with friends and family via social media. The ultimate aim was to reach and inspire a new wave of lenders moving them to the point of purchase.’s target audience are educated, typically female, UK-based 45-64 years olds.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

Two days after the film went live views had reached 4,000+ and gift voucher sales were close to treble the amount sold the previous year.

By 31st December with over 10,000 views the lender base had grown from 17,000 to 22,000 – an increase of 29% in less than one month.

Such was the unprecedented amount of new lenders that by the January 3rd, 2015 had only 5 entrepreneurs left on their website. A statement was issued asking new lenders to patiently bear with them while they sourced new entrepreneurs to lend to.