Project Aims

May 2014, and with the warm summer months fast approaching, the Dogs Trust and its PR agency, See.Saw, were planning a new campaign alerting the public to the potentially fatal consequences of leaving dogs in parked cars, even for just a few minutes.

As part of this campaign, the Trust wanted a unique and powerful short film highlighting the dangers. The film was tasked with reaching a wide online audience, in order to get this important message across to as large a section of the public as possible.

Intended Audience

The film needed to be suitable for distribution across different social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) and capable of making an impact with the users of those channels.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

The film has played a major part in what has been one of the Dogs Trust’s most successful ever campaigns. It attracted coverage from over 100 media outlets, including The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Star and BuzzFeed.

To date, the film has attracted more than 60,000 views on YouTube. It has reached over 265,000 Facebook users, generating 1,736 shares.

Following the successful launch of the film, the Vet Channel requested to show it in its waiting rooms across all its surgeries in the country.