Project Aims

Aims To develop a 60 – 90min, interactive, multi-media workshop combining filmed drama, live action and facilitated discussion. Main themes to be explored: the crucial role to be played by leaders – at all levels of an organisation – in creating an environment for driving effective Culture Change with regard to Safety and Quality. Through interacting with a fictional scenario, delegates will witness the consequences (human and business) of mixed messages and the failure of leaders to ‘walk the talk’ regarding Safety and Quality. Via interaction, participants see what effect their approach can have.

Intended Audience

Throughout the Siemens AG workforce, from top of the chain of command to operatives on sites. Starting with Senior and Middle Management in Europe and through to the UK, this series of workshops to be cascaded through the workforce.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

Participant feedback is gathered through questionnaires at each delivery. Long term, RIDDOR and other internal measures of impact are used. We hope to embed ROI strategies in the long term if funding is made available.