Project Aims

Siemens launched the global campaign “Answers”, with the aim of humanising the brand through storytelling, producing short, personal films about the lives of people who benefit from Siemens’ cutting-edge technologies.

In 2014 the focus of the films shifted to include Siemens customer related stories. Citizen B was commissioned to produce a film, focused on a member of the team at Red Bull F1 racing.

We discovered a wonderful story that required a light touch and strong authorship.

Intended Audience

Platforms for Siemens/answers include a dedicated YouTube channel, a Facebook page and a Twitter feed to engage the public in the storytelling.

The audience were the mainly the general public but also customers and Siemens global employees

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

The film was released on the Siemens Global website, the corporate intranet and on Facebook, You Tube and Twitter simultaneously. It rapidly went viral collecting approximately 400,000 views in the first two weeks of it’s release, by far the biggest audience of any of the films of the four year campaign.

Red Bull Racing F1 team also commissioned an edit of the film for both recruitment, sponsorship engagement and their web site.

It remains the most watched film of the Siemens ‘answers’ campaign with 450,000 views across YouTube and Vimeo channels.