Project Aims

The CPNI (part of MI5) aims to protect national security by advising organisations on how to remain secure – in particular against the threat of terrorism.

They commissioned a film that specifically looks at why someone (with malicious intent) would want to use a fake passport or driving licence to gain employment or access into an organisation within our National Infrastructure. CPNI want to ensure that those responsible for hiring and vetting new recruits are fully aware of both ‘the threat’ and the signs to look out for when applicants use fake ID or a false identity to get jobs.

Intended Audience

HR Managers and those responsible for hiring and vetting new recruits within organisations that are vital to the National Infrastructure.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

Initial feedback has been very positive. A team leader following an initial preview commented that the film was “expertly communicated and in a short film really shows the vital importance of proper document checks and how to do these”.