Project Aims

The Plant Family Tree is the fifth film in a series created for Kew Gardens entitled ‘Beyond the Gardens.’ The aim of the series is to do exactly that; take the viewers beyond their preconceptions of Kew, revealing and celebrating the ground-breaking scientific research that goes on behind the scenes every day. The Plant Family Tree deals specifically with the subject area of taxonomy, which Kew informed us was the one of the most difficult areas to get the public engaged with. Our challenge was to deliver a complex subject in an engaging and exciting film for a wider audience.

Intended Audience

The Plant Family Tree and wider series is intended to reach an audience external to Kew Gardens that may only know it as ‘just a nice day out’. The series aim was to expose the incredible work and research happening at Kew and communicate this online to a global audience who may or may not have previously engaged with subject matter like this.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

The film was premiered with a week-long front page feature on, a video channel which features “the best in global arts and culture”, reaching Kew’s intended ‘culture vulture’ demographic who are aged 25-44, ‘progressive’ and hold a ‘passion for culture’. In it’s first week the film had 13,000 unique views. The film was also featured on Hypebeast, a contemporary fashion and streetwear website which also features documentary photography and film, reaching a slightly different audience who may not have previously given a second thought to Kew Gardens or their scientific research.