Project Aims

To create, produce and deliver an innovative, imaginative film for French brand La Redoute that strikes a chord with the target female customer aged between 35-55, utilising the brand’s ‘French Style, Made Easy’ tagline. The communication objectives of the campaign were to increase brand awareness of La Redoute as a stylish French mail order fashion brand, with the primary opportunity being to drive spontaneous awareness whilst also strengthening prompted awareness. Other key objectives were to define and convey ‘French style’, driving relevance and directing consumers to the La Redoute website, and building relevance through creative which connects with our target

Intended Audience

Female customers between 35 and 55.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

During the campaign, 30,842 unique users visited the La Redoute website, with an overall click-through rate of 3.83%.

The campaign saw a 46% uplift in top of mind brand awareness, and a 11% uplift in aided brand awareness.

Favourability towards La Redoute showed a 280% uplift for those exposed to the video, with 49% of viewers finding the video made the brand seem more appealing showing a positive effect on La Redoute’s brand image.

Post-viewing behaviour showed that 1 in 4 viewers intended to visit the La Redoute homepage, while 1 in 5 viewers intended to talk about it.