Project Aims

Sustainability has become the norm within the coffee industry and consumers are becoming increasingly sceptical of ethical messages from big brands. Coffee vs gangs, an idea developed by JWT London, is aiming to reawaken the UK population to Kenco’s commitment to doing good. As specialists in observational documentary film-making, we were perfectly placed to create a series of impactful films demonstrating the project giving teens at risk of joining the gangs in Honduras another choice.

Intended Audience

The online documentaries are designed to demonstrate Kenco making a real difference in people’s lives to UK consumers. Helping Kenco to communicate a strong and powerful ethical message to the public, something that brands within the coffee industry are constantly striving to do in order to gain a positive brand perception.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

The desired outcome is for audiences to understand that by choosing Kenco, they’re supporting Coffee vs Gangs, as well as other grassroots projects in Honduras and beyond.

Our films have exceeded Kenco’s expectations in terms of audience engagement, with our 30” versions of the films receiving over 1 million views and a huge 12.3% completion rate. A mixture of seeded and organic content, the engagement rate currently being achieved is 700% more than the brand’s benchmark.