Project Aims

Thames Tideway Tunnel was looking for a promotional film that would reach out to the public and move the debate away from the negative aspects (the impact on future water bills and general disruption) to an understanding of how important the new tunnel is. The aim was to convey the message that this tunnel is desperately needed in an unmistakeable way, without being alarmist about the risk of ill-health.

They needed something that was emotive, thought-provoking, memorable, engaging to all ages and understandable from 8 to 80. It’s aim is to start a conversation, especially amongst younger people.

Intended Audience

The film has been used extensively to take the message to the general public and has generated very positive comments wherever it has been shown. People are sometimes taken aback by the subject and the direct approach at the beginning of the film but then very much warm to it as the story develops.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

Our client said: “When we first outlined the need for a film we knew then that we had high ambitions for it. This is quite a controversial project which has generated some negative reactions. Out of the thousands of people who have now seen You Poo Too, no-one has disagreed with the broad premise that we are providing a solution to an urgent problem that will not go away. This has completely changed the nature of the debate and is testament to how you have met a challenging brief and exceeded all expectations.”