Project Aims

Amazon deforestation has decreased significantly in recent years. This should be a sign that all is well and that the rainforest is saved, but it isn’t. The system of control meant to regulate the production of timber in the Amazon is weak and easily exploitable. The manipulation of timber trade documents allows timber of illegal origin to be sold with legal paperwork.

Greenpeace were looking for a film that could explain this new problem in an engaging way, to reawaken the public’s interest and awareness in the Amazon.

Intended Audience

Worldwide general public, politician, activists.

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

It’s not an easy story to tell: The Amazon is being destroyed because of bad paperwork. Brickwall worked with Oscar Winning actress Marion Cotillard to produce an animation taking paper and wood as its key textures and themes. A huge amount of work went into researching the types of trees, wood textures, animals and setting. The film was translated in eight languages. It garnered 27,000 YouTube hits, 798 shares on Facebook, 1,600 likes and tens of thousands of views. It was also covered by print and online media across the world and has been broadcast in full on Italian TV.