Project Aims

Informa is one of the world’s leading knowledge providers, creating and delivering highly specialised information for businesses and organisations. At the heart of their business are two forms of highly valuable information – the intellectual property they create and their customers’ contact data.

In 2013, Informa conducted a risk assessment of their global information protection activities. The results were clear, the business needed to improve general employee awareness of the importance of information protection and, in particular, the duties and responsibilities of employees who come into contact with information.

Intended Audience

The film was aimed at Informa’s entire global workforce across 25 countries, 5 languages and a variety of roles / levels in the business. The film therefore needed to have very broad appeal and lend itself to easy localization / translation. The film needed to raise awareness of peoples obligations, communicate key things to avoid, what to do in the case of an issue, and where to find more information. As the lead element of an internal campaign, the creative approach for the film also needed to lend itself to the design and production of supporting literature, banner ads, posters

Measures of Impact and Effectiveness

In 2013, Informa conducted a global employee survey about information protection: 93% of those surveyed agreed that information protection was important at Informa, however only 45% were aware of their obligations and of what to do if a serious incident occurred.

Following the roll out of Infobot, the Informa team conducted their survey again. 83% of respondents said that the video had increased their awareness and understanding of their information protection obligations and of what to do if a serious incident occurred (compared to only 45% in the original survey).