Approach to Brief

By 2050 global energy demand is expected to rise by 75%. Shell are committed to powering this new world using innovative solutions. Shell looked to the world of football to provide an activation that would unite popular culture, innovation and humanity. In September 2014, Shell refurbished a community football pitch in a Brazilian favela with an innovative technology that captures energy from player’s movement to light the pitch.


Creative Solution

Shell’s advertising campaigns were successful in starting to raise awareness of their market positioning as an innovative energy company, but were not enough. Shell, supported by J.Walter Thompson, refurbished a run-down community football pitch in a favela in Rio di Janeiro. Shell utilised Pavegen technology, an innovative idea supported by Shell as part of its Livewire development program which aims to help develop entrepreneurs with smart ideas that meet the energy and resource needs of an ever growing population. Pavegen kinetic paving tile technology were laid under the pitch surface which capture energy from player’s movement. This energy is then stored and combined with solar power to help light the pitch’s floodlights.


Impact and Effectiveness

The launch of the pitch activation was attended by 68 media attendees from 34 global and Brazilian news outlets who were hosted on site for the official press conference and interview opportunities. Following the launch 58% of all original coverage mentioned Shell. Within a month of the project launch the project gained more than 320 global earned media placements across 20 countries while the first 48 hours following the event saw 114 pieces of coverage globally. The Shell Facebook post featuring a video from the event was the most successful promoted post for Shell in 2014 with 47 million impressions and an engagement rate of 18.9%. Results showed that exposure to the campaign successfully met objectives in strengthening belief in the bran as a modern energy company that people were familiar with and their ability to work to provide a sustainable energy future (Source:Milward Brown, Q4, 2014). Since the event global media are still requesting content and further information to develop news stories. Results show that social media activity surrounding the pitch captured people’s attention in a surprising way and as a result people began to see Shell in a new light, whilst also inspiring the next generation.