Approach to Brief

What is The Boodles?

Now in its 14th year and often described as, “One of the highlights of the summer social Season,” The Boodles, has, in recent years made a habit of attracting some of the biggest names in tennis, while offering guests the unique chance of an opportunity to get up close and personal with the player’s. It is hosted within Stoke Park’s stunning 300-acre estate in the Buckinghamshire countryside, perhaps the most picture-perfect setting in the English tennis scene. It also has an intimate purpose built stadium of only 1,900 with no seat further than ten metres from the grass court, The Boodles allows you to be breathtakingly close to the action!

The Boodles is truly a unique event. A fun English garden party atmosphere, with world-class tennis being played in intimate and beautiful surroundings. With an exclusive list of official sponsors, such as Veuve Clicquot and H.R. Owen and the established status of our title sponsor, Boodles, guests will experience the luxury and service that has become so synonymous with these brands of excellence.

The objective of 2015 was to continue growing the event, with the aim of selling out before announcing a player and to make this year’s event the best ever. Due to popular demand we increased the size of the venue by a further 200 seats (in 2014 we had also increased the stadium by 200 seats, so this was an additional increase in 2015) With this, the aim was to increase revenue whilst trying to always maintain the intimacy of the event and provide a world class experience for every guest. It truly is an English country garden party with world class tennis and what is important is that whilst we have seen a huge demand to increase stadium capacity, we will always keep the intimacy of the event. This is paramount to the incredible experience we hope guests have at The Boodles.

Creative Solution

As previously mentioned, our aim in 2015 was to completely sell out the event and make the event even better than the year before. Over the years The Boodles has built a wonderful reputation, so of course repeat business is fundamental. However with corporate hospitality budgets being tighter during the past three to four years, it was essential that we looked at all revenue streams, particularly the stadium passes, and made sure this was marketed effectively, in order to increase the sale of stadium pass seats.

In addition to consistently innovating PR and traditional marketing, we have constantly been updating our digital marketing strategy.

In 2014 had a brand new responsive website, designed to optimise visually across all smartphones and any tablet devices. Therefore if you come to on a tablet or mobile phone, which we know more and more people are, you will already be using the new-look responsive site. It has been built and designed in-house on an entirely new platform with a refreshed visual design. It senses what size screen you’re using and automatically reconfigures itself to give you the best view of all our fantastic content.

Impact and Effectiveness

In 2015 the event sold out before we even announced a player. This led to us actually adding an additional 200 seats in the stadium, which also sold out, giving the event a 11 % increase on revenue of 2014 and the best revenue in the event’s 14 year history!

Thanks to the success of this years event, as of October 2015 The Boodles has already sold 55 % of tickets, which if you compare to the same time in 2014, at this stage we had sold only 15%, so already thanks to this years success the event is selling out fast.