Approach to Brief

The aim of the event was to celebrate the Centenary of the historical and prestigious Maserati brand in a memorable way through a three-day-long travelling experience. The event featured over 250 cars, arriving from over 30 countries all over the world and included the most representative and exclusive models produced by this manufacturer. The target of the event was made up by Maserati cars’ owners but also by Maserati enthusiasts and fans and it took place in three of the most meaningful places of Maserati long history: Bologna, Modena and Turin.

Creative Solution

The three-day event was a homage to Maserati’s tradition narrated through its history but also its technological innovation, its Made in Italy DNA but at the same time its internationality. It was organised with a full schedule of extraordinary appointments: expositions, parades, regularity races, an exclusive visit to the two Maserati factories and two gala dinners, one of which was organised in the spectacular background of Maserati production line. A unique Walking Dinner Experience, with an accurate lighting design, that enhanced the factory architecture and the bodies of the new cars displayed in it, and with the extraordinary participation of Fondazione Pavarotti young talents.

It was a thrilling event in which the sense of smell, sight and taste melted together and gave Maserati guests an unforgettable experience. Four young opera singers performed a repertoire that ranged from Rigoletto to Boheme, with a final homage to Pavarotti, just before Ceo Harald Wester final speech.

The set design was created following a unique graphic concept especially conceived for the event: three-dimensionality was abandoned in favour of a two-dimensional and essential style, to recall the origins of this historical brand. From Modena production line to the Palace of Venaria, the set design was studied to emphasise the venues main strengths but at the same time leaving intact their iconic identity.

The whole video production was mainly focused on identifying the brand most iconic elements throughout the event different stages and performances. These videos, shot in the three locations, have been then merged into a great single film showing the evolution of the brand from the past to the future. The sound and lighting design were perfectly combined and integrated in every venue, redefining spaces and creating new and exciting atmospheres.

Impact and Effectiveness

The event success was highly testified by its big media coverage: more than 100 journalists involved, 6 press releases, more than 300 articles, 405 pages dedicated to Maserati’s Centennial event.

From a social media point view, the event obtained great results as well: a special hashtag #maserati100 was created, the event recorded 25 million impressions, over 276.000 interactions, 5.700 views on YouTube and + 70.000 new fans.