Approach to Brief

The brief was to design an immersive environment that facilitated direct interaction with Google products in real life scenarios, to wow invited consumer and business press who are a demanding and cynical audience. We needed to immerse them in an experience so memorable that they would want to share it with their audiences.

Creative Solution

There were 3 key elements that required a very different way of thinking and organisation to give delegates the best experience.

The event needed to exceed previous successfully met targets by generating conversations around the innovative product technology. The premium nature of the event needed to draw attendance from 200+ of the top consumer and business press, with the objective of generating 200+ story leads. 

Impact and Effectiveness

CLIENT RETENTION We delivered on time on budget within the agreed parameters of the project.

CREATIVE DELIVERY We managed to retain the best creative ideas and found the most cost effective way to deliver.

TENACITY AND ENERGY We certainly went the extra mile when we needed to. The client testimonials endorsed this.