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Patron Focus – drp


drp is one of the longest established, trusted and uniquely integrated communication and production specialists, famous for making anything possible as we connect people, build brands and help grow organisations worldwide. All of our services are owned and executed in-house, which means we have full involvement from initial idea to end result.

We originally started as a video production company ‘DRP FILMS’ in 1980, but since 1997 we have organically expanded into a diverse range of communications, and we are recognised for creating highly engaging internal, external and experiential communications, producing award winning live events and exhibitions, compelling film and video, intuitive digital solutions and visually striking design-led print.

drp is based in London and Leeds, with a head office in the Midlands, and our bespoke facilities include 4.2 acres of production facilities, 8 fully equipped edit suites, 3 state-of-the-art studios, digital innovation labs, a dedicated print facility, 3D projection cinema, construction centre and a contemporary design suite. We recently expanded and redeveloped our head office to create twice the amount of production, construction, and office space. ‘The Park’ and Studio 3 are fresh new additions, one is a contemporary work and meeting space, the other is a blank canvas we offer to our cllients.


drp has an extremely strong work ethic and determination to deliver on its strapline of ‘anything’s possible’, which runs through our company from junior to directorship level, and has become part of the culture at drp.

At drp our five keys values are understanding, trust, passion, belief and effectiveness. Our vision is ‘To be the company of choice’; to get close to this we then need to be the best we can be. Our mission and promise are ‘To assist organisations to engage, motivate & excite people for the continual success of the organisation. We achieve this by continually making anything possible’. 


We work with a diverse range of leading companies and brands from the automotive, retail, public, transport, telecoms and financial sectors, to name to just a few, ensuring to deliver our promise of ‘anything’s possible’. 


At drp our people are our biggest asset – we put our team first, who in turn put our clients first. Although we do hire people for their skills, it is just as important to us to bring people into our team who live and breathe our five key values of understanding, trust, passion, belief and effectiveness.

It is vital to our success that we operate as one team, even though we have different departments sometimes working independently, we are judged on our overall performance as one team. Working together and supporting each other is something that is very important to us at drp and something that is pivotal in delivering our mission and promise to our clients.

A happy and motivated team is essential to achieving our business objectives and our continued investment in our people is part of an on-going programme to realise our vision of being the company of choice for presentation and communication solutions globally.

Our people are directly aligned with the overall objectives of the business and are actively involved in delivering them. We regularly update our team on our progress and how we are doing as a business, involve them at all levels in new products, innovations, through dedicated innovation days.

The growth of the business has to be aligned with the growth of our expertise and service levels we offer. Therefore, we invest hugely in training and nurturing our people, through an active training and development programme, a mentoring and buddy  system is offered as well as  an appraisal system.

Over 50% of the team have been with the company for over 10 years which is an admirable staff retention rate and an indication of the great company culture and working environment that we have here at drp.


We haven’t always been the complete full-service agency we are today, as mentioned, we initially began as a corporate films company. drp is an organisation that has grown organically, and we have developed from aspirational beginnings, staying true to our values and expanded through unrivalled service, industry leading quality, engaging creativity and competitive pricing.

Last year we celebrated our 35th Anniversary, and our celebrations included a year-long and ongoing effort to deliver 35 CSR projects by the end of 2015, which was completed a month early (November 2015).

We hosted our 35th Anniversary celebration event at West Midlands Safari Park, and over 900 guests including the drpteam, friends and clients attended the day and night extravaganza. The event was complete with park tours, workshops, a gala dinner, and a showcase finale including live production show, choir, and fireworks.

Future Plans

We are currently adding a 60,000 sqft extension to our head office in the Midlands, which will result in the drp studios, offices and workspace doubling in size. The new expansion will allow us to increase our capacity, service levels and quality for our clients. The site is undoubtedly the largest and most comprehensive corporate communication companies in the UK, if not Europe. Our vision is to be the ‘company of choice’, and to get close to this we then need to be the best we can be. We are also looking to expand our team and continually invest in developments.

drp has seen a rapid growth across all areas of the business in the last two years, and we plan to sustain this growth during 2016. We are hiring the brightest, most determined individuals, who have the ‘anything is possible’ mindset innate in their work ethic, which drp maintains.

Financially we are targeting a revenue of £22M by 2020 and anticipate a team size of approximately 250 people. We will achieve these levels by maintaining our strategy, staying on course and delivering on our strategy.

A major element in all this will be our people, to have the brightest, most determined individuals, who have the ‘anything’s possible’ mind-set innate in their work ethic, which drp maintains is the  key ingredient to success.