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Our industry and Brexit

EVCOM has been asked to respond to the Government’s Green Paper ‘Building Our Industrial Strategy’ and whether there should be a Sector Deal for our industry. The EVCOM Board’s view is that members’ interest are best served by positioning ourselves in the UK’s Creative Sector.

It’s a big sector worth £85bn and employing 7% of the UK workforce, and if you add hospitality, catering and business tourism the figure grows to over £100bn. So it has the clout that makes government listen.

The core of EVCOM’s membership is agencies, production companies, corporate brand managers and freelancers who deliver communications through the filter of a brand. Creativity is an essential skill for our industry and we believe the best way to get the Government to hear our voice is through creative sector channels such as DCMS.

We are also responding to Government on priorities for Brexit negotiations. In essence, we want to minimise barriers to trade and movement of goods, people and capital. While we recognise the British public voted to leave the EU and access to the EU market may be limited, we are convinced it is in the interests of the live event and visual communication industry to minimise trade restrictions.

The Government’s Green Paper is broad in its objectives. However, it is likely that priority sectors, such as the financial services, pharma and automotive, could get the most attention and support. In the live events and communications sector, with our diverse capabilities and reach across all other economic sectors, we’ll need to speak with one, clear voice to be heard.

We’d welcome any thoughts on our input to Government, please get in touch by emailing